Porsche Overseas European Delivery Program

Isn't It Time You Went on an Epic Journey?

The "vacation of vacations", the "journey of a lifetime", or "a once in a lifetime opportunity." Take your pick of clichés, but the simple fact is, those of our customers who have taken part in the Porsche European Delivery Program have made these statements and more. Why not start ownership of your next brand-new Porsche by being the first person to drive it out of the factory and out onto the high-speed autobahns in the rolling hills outside of Leipzig, Germany?

See Where Your New Porsche Is Being Built

Start by coming into Porsche of Rocklin, CA and purchase your next new 911, Cayenne, Panamera, or any other model. Then get ready for the trip you will remember for the rest of your life. We will fly you and one other person to Leipzig, Germany to see where it all began and where you will be the guests of Porsche. Be sure you pack your driving gloves as you'll need them to hang on to the steering wheel once you hit the autobahn.

During your stay, you can tour the Porsche Museum, where you can browse through more than 50 years of sports car development located in Zuffenhausen or wander over to Porsche's state of the are development and manufacturing facility in Leipzig. You even get to visit the factory where your new Porsche was built. Shop in the VIP Porsche Boutique and enjoy a spectacular VIP luncheon courtesy of Porsche. This has all been done to help build the excitement as you get ready to pick up your new vehicle.

And So, the Journey Begins

Time to take ownership of your new Porsche and start your epic journey. Take your new Porsche out on the open autobahn and let yourself enter the zone as you fly down the road. Stop for lunch in a quaint German restaurant, go souvenir shopping for a new pair of lederhosen, or better yet put your vehicle through its paces.

While we pay for one night's stay, you can stay as long as you want. Hit the switchbacks and mountainous roads, see the roads Porsche vehicles have always been built to tame. Soak yourself in the pure driving pleasure that is part of owning the finest luxury sports vehicle in the world. Enjoy the freedom to enjoy Europe with paying for an expensive rental car, go where you want, stay for as long as you want.

The Porsche European Delivery Program Includes

Once you purchase your new Porsche vehicle from Porsche of Rocklin, CA, we will provide you with airfare for two to Germany, a one-night stay in a top-rated hotel, and a tour of both Porsche factories, and the museum. It also includes a luncheon on the day you pick up your new Porsche. Also covered is the cost of shipping to Porsche of Rocklin, CA, marine, third-party, and collision insurance. You have nothing to worry about, your new Porsche is in good hands and we will notify you as soon as it arrives from the port.

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